The Currency System

Multiple Currencies

EtsyCloneClone comes with an advanced multiple currency system allowing you to display prices in different currencies to buyers. We will explain in detail how it works.

Default Currencies

These are the currencies Etsy Clone Script comes with as examples, you must set the actual exchange rates. You can delete these currencies or add more currencies in the admin panel.

Step By Step How It Works

1. The Base Currency

The Default Currency is the main currency on which everything actually uses. Sellers enter listing prices in this default currency. Buyers purchase items ultimately in this currency.
The Admin must set this default currency as shown on this image:

2. Additional Currencies

The Admin can then add additional currencies on the admin panel. These are the currencies users can change the currency to display it in a different price. An exchange rate must be set for each of these currencies, relative to the default currency.

3. Currency Switcher

Users can switch the currency to one of the added ones to display prices in that currency.

4. Checkout

Users always still have to pay in the default currency at checkout.